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windows-support-scamsI have today been asked by a friend of mine about a phone call she received earlier today.  Apparently the caller told her he was from ‘Windows Support’ and was calling because her internet provider said her computer had a series of serious virus problems.  He then went on to claim that if she didn’t take his help he would have no alternative but to shut down ‘Windows’ on her computer.

Needless to say this alarmed her so she listened to what he had to say and even followed the directions given on her PC.  He pointed out issues that were showing in Windows Event Manager.  Windows Event Manager does show errors on the pc but not specifically related to infections.

Fortunately, she didn’t go much further with the telephone call as she had an appointment that she couldn’t miss.  But the unidentified caller is phoning her back tomorrow to continue with this support.

I have today searched on Google for similar scams and there are several snippets of information available for this.  From what I can see the next stage would have been ‘remote access’ (where you give the caller authorisation to take control of your PC remotely).  Remote Access is a very useful tool, used by the correct, trusted people.  In the wrong hands it can give the user complete access to your computer to install malicious software, obtain computer ip addresses and much, much more.

On this occasion my friend was very lucky, but I thought I would spread the word again to warn other users that this could happen to them.  Please do not let anybody ‘cold calling’ your home/business take ‘remote access’ of your PC.  Always ensure they are a trusted company that you have asked for support.

Most importantly, stay safe, computers hold a lot of information that given to the wrong people can cause a lot of upset and misery.

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Windows Support Scams – Phone Scam

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