Why OneClick Website Design?

We are based in Halesowen, West Midlands and provide web design and advice for all local areas.  I designed my first website for my husband’s window cleaning company a few years ago. I had been unable to find a simple budget web design that did what I needed it to do without paying out a small fortune.

I had been on a course to learn basic coding at my local college and then I discovered WordPress. WordPress is a type of CMS that allows people to produce their own basic websites quickly and easily. However, if you have a little coding knowledge, you are able to make websites that look a lot more professional. If you add in some understanding of how Google works, then you have a website that looks good and is easy to use for both humans and search engine robots.

And so the telephone started to ring with customers who wanted their windows, conservatories and guttering cleaned.

Simple Web Design

This is why I started One Click Website Designs – to give the power back to the small business owner. I know so many business owners who cannot make changes to their website without re-employing the original designer. They are frustrated and resentful that they cannot change a date, upload an image or amend some minor detail themselves. They are angry that they submit copy, pay for it to be uploaded and then pay again if they realise that they have left out some vital punctuation to make a sentence read properly.

There is nothing worse than having a swish website that you cannot use. Well, actually, there is. A website that you cannot use and one which the search engines cannot find.

Many small business owners start out knowing that they need a website so they funnel all their marketing budget into something that looks beautiful. However, in many cases, it is all about the look. No thought has been given to the usability – whether customers can actually find what they are looking for when they arrive. And even less attention has been paid to how those customers are going to get there in the first place.

It’s not good just sticking a load of roughly related keywords into the meta data and hoping that Google will match people searching for your products and services with your business website. If you tell Google that your website is about those words, then the search engine robots have to find those same words physically on your page.

At OneClick Website Designs, we work out which words and phrases your customers are looking for and then we build them into your website in all the places where the search engines will look.

Web Design Halesowen

So, you have a simple web design plus a simple SEO package that will help to get you found by potential customers in your location.

We specialise in businesses in Halesowen and surrounding areas because that’s where we are based. We know your area and we know your customers. We understand that people like to keep things simple and local. We know that businesses like to work with people they can meet in person and build a relationship based on trust.

Our simple web design puts local small businesses in Halesowen in front of their target customers.

We thrive on your success!

Simple Budget Web Design Prices

Find out more about our budget web design Halesowen prices. We have done everything possible to keep our basic package price to the bare minimum. This allows you to get started and, as business flows in, you can invest in additional pages, images and functions.

Call us today on 01384 635716 to get your business on the internet with a simple website design that is easy to use and will pay for itself



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