I was asked today by one of my customers about removing related videos from youtube of competitors from the end of their embedded YouTube videos.

It is really a simple thing to do so I though I would share it with you.

Firstly you will need to log into your YouTube account and select the video that you wish to embed onto your website.removing-related-videos-from-you-tube


Scroll down the page until you see the options as in the image below


Next click on ‘SHARE’


then you will see the screen below


click on ’embed’ as shown below


Click on ‘ShowMore’ as below


Scroll down the page until you see the options below and make sure the tick is removed from ‘show suggested videos when the video finishes’ as below


this will then give you the code you will need to embed the video on your website. Select it and copy and paste it into your webpage.


The actual text that relates to no related videos in the embed code is “rel=0”.

rel = related

0= none

1= yes


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Removing related videos from youtube

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