Domain Hosting can be quite a daunting task.  There are so many hosts out there, who do you choose?

domain-hostingOneClick Website Design are only too  happy to host your website for you.  Please see our prices for our costs and packages deals.

But what if you already have your own hosting, that to is no problem we will work with whatever you choose.

Maybe you are confused by all the choices out there.  We all know there are loads of companies who provide domain hosting.  Again it is your choice, but here at OneClick Website Design we work with and highly recommend the best domain hosting and registrar company in the UK – TSO Host.  With our guidance, you can choose your domain name and then purchase it so it is registered in your name, along with your own hosting package.  You are fully in control.

Many businesses come to us with domains that have been registered in the name of a previous designer which can make things difficult to retrieve and move on.

We make sure that you own all your properties and have direct access to TSO for the fantastic freefone customer service – should that need ever arise.  Or we are available to handle any issue on your behalf at our hourly rate.

No more forking out for an annual management fee when nothing ever goes wrong with the domain or hosting.


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